TRANSLOADING_WEB_PORTOFCATOOSA Ship around the world with ease.


World-wide, container shipping is the wave of the future. A sealed container can be shipped around the world on a single bill of lading eliminating redundant documentation and pilferage during inspections. The above image is an ocean view of a container ship. While the Port does not currently handle containers, we expect to in the next five years.

Tulsa’s centralized location and the Tulsa Port of Catoosa’s unique position as a multi-modal bulk shipping complex provide easy transfer opportunities for virtually any company, with industries as wheat growers to fertilizer distributors to heavy manufacturers. The following are just a few of the modes of transportation that converge at our bulk shipping complex:

image descriptionConvenient Access to Major Interstates.


The Port is served by most of the nationwide contract carriers and averages over 450 trucks per day. Truck shipments are usually “next-day” requirements and average 20 short tons (400 cwt). Most truck shipments are to or from bulk storage at the Port’s terminals or for plants in the general industrial park.

Located near the geographic center of the U.S., truck traffic can reach either coast in just two days.

image descriptionDoor-to-Door Service to Port Shippers.


Rail shipping is ideal for most bulk freight and break bulk cargo in average units of 100 short tons (2,000 cwt). Most of the national rail network is privately owned by the Class I operators. The Port is served by three Class I Carriers: the BN-SF (direct connection), the Union Pacific and the Kansas City Southern (via a short-line switch on the South Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad). The South Kansas and Oklahoma is a Class III with an extensive network in both Kansas and Oklahoma. Rail service is usually booked with the origin carrier who typically provides the cars. The Port is a scheduled service point for all three carriers. Rail transit times for most bulk freight and break bulk cargo are roughly equal to barge within 750 miles and are days shorter beyond 1000 miles.


image descriptionA Large, Modern Airport is just a Short Drive Away.


Adding to the Tulsa Port of Catoosa’s accessibility is the Tulsa International Airport. Just seven miles from the Port, this large, modern airport is served by major passenger carriers such as American, Continental, Delta and Southwest, and cargo carriers including FedEx, UPS and Airborne.