PROJECTCARGO_WEB_PORTOFCATOOSA NOTICE: The low water wharf will be closed for renovations May 29-July 27, 2017.

Project Cargo

Roll-on/Roll-off Low Water Wharf
A public dock operated by the Port Authority for transferring over-dimensional or overweight project cargo such as giant processing equipment used in refineries. The wharf is 180 feet long with a 50-foot wide concrete apron and embedded railroad tracks. The dock is connected to a concrete road with a gentle 3.2 percent slope. Loads exceeding 600 tons can be driven directly onto and off of giant ocean-rated flat-deck barges using rail cars, trucks or wheeled transporters.


Certain high-value fabricated pieces or “Project Cargo” are excellent barge candidates. These are typically international shipments trans-loaded to or from ocean vessels at the Port of New Orleans or the Port of Houston. Such shipments are often restricted by weight or cubic dimension from moving on trucks or rail. The Port’s Roll On/Roll Off (“RO-RO”) Wharf can accept any such shipment. Bulk freight arrangements for these are made by heavy-lift transport companies or project forwarders.

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