GRAINTERMINAL_WEB_PORTOFCATOOSA The Port shipped over 260,000 tons of wheat in 2016.

Grain Terminal

Wheat Growers Assistance: Distribution and Storage

The Tulsa Port of Catoosa has two grain handling facilities benefitting wheat growers – one public and one private. Both are operated by Gavilon Grain, LLC.

Facilities include outbound conveyance systems with 25,000-bushel-per-hour capacity, inbound unloading systems with a 30,000 bushel per hour capacity, grain samplers, dust control systems and approximately 5.0 million bushel storage capacity.

Wheat growers and processors also benefit from grain grading, which is available on-site. The major product handled by these terminals is outbound hard red winter wheat, but inbound or outbound soybeans, oats, milo and millet can also be handled. Grain barges can be loaded in as little as 2.5 hours. These facilities will remain open 24 hours per day in peak season if necessary.