Break Bulk Cargo A variety of cargo is shipped on the waterway including agricultural products, iron, steel, petroleum products and fabricated equipment.

Dry Break Bulk Cargo Dock

Our general dry break bulk cargo dock primarily loads and unloads commodity iron and steel, project cargo and other break bulk cargo. Operated by Tuloma Stevedoring, Inc., it is a public dock, 720 feet long, with a 230-foot wide concrete apron, equipped with an assortment of forklifts and cranes, including a 200-ton overhead traveling bridge crane.

For bulk shipping and break bulk cargo, barge shipping is best for shipments in excess of 1,500 short tons (30,000 cwt, the capacity of a standard hopper barge) or increments thereof. Both origin and destination points must be barge capable since multiple shifts between modes will erode savings. Bulk freight arrangements are typically made through barge lines who provide the barges and contract with third parties for river towing. Transit times on the U.S. Inland waterway system average 100 miles per day.

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For more information, including quotes for break bulk cargo loading and unloading, contact Carol Young or Terry McDonald at (918) 266-1270

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